Business never stands still. What we want to share are ideas and tools that we have applied, recommended or simply debated, as our way of expanding thinking and innovation in business management. We apologise now if sources are not quoted with academic rigor or if we have merged ideas when developing models. All we wish to achieve is intellectual stimulation and the cascading of our insights. Enjoy.

Connecting and Influencing: A Leader's Guide to Genuine Communication

Wednesday, 14 July 2021 11:36

New book for 2021 - Connecting and Influencing: A Leader's Guide to Genuine Communication.

Communication is as natural as breathing. It’s part of what makes us human. Great communication can excite, inspire… Poor communication makes us feel unimportant, worse still, useless, excluded or worthless.

This new book is a compendium for businesspeople, looking at communication knowledge, skills, mindset and tools, and refreshing application of useful models.

We challenge individuals to choose to care about how you communicate – not how important you appear, but how you positively influence others. It’s considering why communication is so important, what mindset you need to make a difference and then the right tool or approach for many different work-related scenarios as well as in the virtual world. It is about the goal and the meaning you convey when you set out to share information, seek input, discuss ideas, build relationships, show appreciation, or open up about hopes and dreams.

By combining real-life examples, theory and practical application, we share valuable and highly applicable know-how so you will be able to grow as a communicator and have a reliable resource you can go back to time and time again.

By Katrin Winkler and Nicola Bramwell

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Connectedness: Leadership for a Changing World

Thursday, 20 August 2020 11:53

A new book for 2020 - Leadership is not a position; it is individuals stepping forward and choosing to make a difference, by connecting people with purpose. This connectedness to something bigger than ourselves imparts meaning for leaders and employees alike. It stresses the importance of business outcomes as well as human wellbeing in a complex world of constant change.
This book considers how leaders can connect by caring, inspiring, appreciating, developing and empowering. It considers how balance can be achieved between doing the right thing for the business (effective management) and doing them in the right way for people (leadership principles). By establishing a transformational environment for teams, projects or organizations, our human need to contribute and succeed can be harnessed.
What is different is the shift from a traditional, hierarchic notion of control, to values of trust and fulfilment that can be applied equally well in small teams, virtual teams and global corporations. This shift can also be applied equally well by individual managers, project leaders or senior executives with the desire and imagination to create a shared sense of purpose.
By Katrin Winkler and Nicola Bramwell.

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