Commercial Strategy Innovation

As a professional provider, Insight Creation brings core skills and working knowledge in all elements of commercial strategies, going to market planning and sales, to achieve innovation and growth in areas including:

  • Effective business planning
  • Valuable customer analysis and meaningful business intelligence
  • Customer engagement, impactful relationship management, customer reach and retention
  • Portfolio planning and product launches
  • Channel strategies, aligning both online and offline activities
  • International market development to maximise new opportunities
  • Strong presence in web marketing, social media and e-commerce
  • Sales strategies and sales team effectiveness

Our Focus

What we focus on with you, however, is completely tailored to your needs. It is not about applying standard models, it is about working with you to achieve clarity on your customer needs, business opportunities, sales and marketing effectiveness and efficiency. It means that between us, we create business insight and add value for your company and your customers.

Our Customer-First Philosophy


Go to Market Decisions

  • Target markets
  • Growth & value strategies
  • Segmentation
  • Portfolio mix & NPD
  • PLC Management
  • Pricing & packaging
  • Technical material
  • Sales channels & tools
  • Customer management
  • Web / e-commerce
  • Lead management
  • Communication plans
  • Support levels / services